IDACB Referral program established to grow revenue from partners and customers


A partner`s referral is a higher quality lead because it comes from a trusted source who knows the brand and knows the needs of the person they referred. IDACB offers the referral program to continue to escalate revenue growth while removing any friction from the referral process.

A business will galvanize customers to facilitate a trusted introduction between individuals in their network and the brand’s innovative products and services, increasing the likelihood of buying by 400% by the referral program.

Use IDACB Referral Program for your business goals and earn a 10% from each referral that becomes IDACB customer. One-click invite makes it easy for sales to the grow program.

6 IDACB Referral Program capabilities that generate more leads and make your business successful

Referral partner programs scaled for accelerated revenue growth get you more from your business. Enable your sale-managers to bring a great deal to their network with double-sided rewards.

There is no limit to rewards! Best-in-class partnership program guides you to referral success. Just fill out the form to speak with a Manager who will help you make the case to automate and scale your business programs.


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